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Women's Health and Reproductive System

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Couple’s Reproductive Health and Fertility

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Pregnancy and trauma

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Reproductive Health and Women Empowerment

Reproductive Health and Women Empowerment

Our program is dedicated to promote awareness, understanding and advocacy related to individual sexual and reproductive health. We create innovative programs and interventions aimed at improving access to comprehensive sexual reproductive health and to empower girls and women in making informed and conscious choices.

The experience include multiple tools, various styles, traditions and disciplines. A unique journey melding several part of oneself.

Individual Journey

Individual Journey

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Group Sessions

Group Sessions

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Understanding and Healing Emotional Trauma

"Our anatomy is permeated with emotional feelings. Past and present events are sustained by our biology imprinting our genome. Our story is contained in our DNA, in our cells, tissues, organs" . Adriana Di Biase.

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Retreats are opportunities to pull back from everyday life and dedicate time to yourself. It’s a time when you take a break from the stresses and habits of your daily life to experience yourself free from social conditioning and expectations. Osmosi retreats are an integration of meditations, interospection and embodiment practises. The intention is to help you find serenity, balance and harmony.
Retreats are designed according to various circumstances and locations. Sometimes Online platform can be used.
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Adriana Di Biase - Founder


(Education, Empowerment,Health and Wellbeing,Bioethics)

Adriana is a teacher, scientist and TCTSY/Yoga Facilitator with a background in clinical and medical biotechnology, ivf, Reproductive Health and currently involved in Bioethics studies over Europe.
She trained in Western medical approach and she has been involved in the study of stem cells, regenerative medicine and reproductive medicine.
From the creation of tendon tissues in the lab to the study of human creation, embryology and IVF, she spent entire days immersed in the world of microns observing the building blocks of human life.

Later Adriana developed her interest in Eastern approach, body-based practises and philosophy experiencing somatic methods in various context and traditions (Asia, Australia, America, Europe).In the challenges of life, embodiment practices have been a physical and mental discipline to help her find balance and purpose.

In Osmosi, science and soul merge together.


Osmosi is the Italian word for “osmosis”. Inside all cells, osmosi is a movement: a flow between two different solutions that creates homogeneity and balance. It is the biological mechanism that best explains Adriana's approach, teaching style and values.
Osmosi is a flow where inner expression moves through "an invisible membrane" to reach body and awareness. Alignment is between body , mind and soul. Health and wellbeing is the goal.


Science, Education, Empowerment programs
Body focused Therapy, Somatic based Therapy,Emotional and Psychological Wellbeing
Trauma Centre, Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) for developmental/ complex trauma
Reproductive Health, Women's Health, Fertility support
Meditation, Retreats

Osmosi was born with the intention to create a community where people connect with authenticity, trust and humility. We recognise that self development and self growth are important and that in community we find renewal.
Osmosi is open to genuine collaborations and interactions with others to create a better world.

Osmosi's goal is to develop a substrate in people's lives for individual growth, health and transformation.

Languages: English, Italian