Group Sessions


Students are guided step by step through a sequence that builds connection with breath, correct and safe alignment as well as the simple principles of Yoga. It is an entry point to start cultivating mindfulness and presence.

Nurturing practice

Yoga sequences are a blend of fluid slow poses (yang) with a series of long holds and mat-based postures that stretch out the connective tissue and fascia in the body (yin). This class is about finding stillness and prepares the body for deeper contemplation.

Renew Strength and Energy

Yoga sequences are made of movements linked with breath (vinyasa flow). The style is energetic and induces active presence. The practice amplifies consciousness in each movement each moment.

Moving Meditation

Moving meditation consist of repetitive poses to encourage a balanced relationship between the mind and the emotional state. It helps to improve sleeping and sense of peace. 

Creative Flow

Yoga sequences are a blend of rhythm and energy . The practice is dynamic. Freedom of movement, self-expression and creativity are encouraged.

Please see calendar section for sessions available and timings. Ad hoc groups can be arranged by special request.